The Headland Benefice

Christenings weddings and funerals

Funerals are still going ahead. They are restricted to very close family, the minister and the undertakers, and they have to take place at the graveside or at the crematorium. There are to be no gatherings after the service. We're so sorry about this  - it makes a difficult time all the harder. We and the Undertakers are doing our very best to support you and we'
re beginning to master the art of video links  - we've 'beamed' a funeral to China and another one to Aberdeen so far. We'll be happy to provide a Memorial Service at a later date. If you're unable to be present at a funeral, you may like to say some prayers at home at the same time.

All but emergency christenings will be postponed. We are currently contacting the families who have booked christenings for this year.

Weddings are also postponed during the lockdown.

Please contact us for more information or if you need to talk.