The Headland Benefice

Christian Aid Week 2020

Christian Aid Week, 10th-16th May 2020 Christian Aid logo

You can donate to Christian Aid here

We are supporting Christian Aid virtually this year, with....

The great Headland Benefice Quiz for Christian Aid Week 2020

There are four sections in the quiz:
• History and geography (20 questions from Vic Crosthwaite)
• Food and drink, music, movies and musicals (20 questions from Andrew Graham)
• 20 Square Questions from David Penn. For each picture, identify the square.
• Christian Aid’s 30 TV programmes.
The quiz is now closed for competition but you're welcome to do it for fun.

Click here for the answers.

When you get the answers, do your own scoring and send your score for each section, and your total, to Jane. We'll post the winners here on 21st May. There will be some small prizes.

There is no set amount to donate, just what you can afford. Christian Aid particularly appreciate Direct Debits.  

 You can donate to Christian Aid here

And you might like to buy a copy of John Eckersley’s book, 'Life in all its fullness'

book cover

John writes,

My original intention had been to recall stories from my early life that I thought might appeal to our grandchildren. But then I thought, 'Why stop there?' and so the later episodes tell of student days, married and working life and, lastly, life in retirement.

The book's title comes from St John's Gospel chapter 10 where Jesus declares 'I have come so that you may have life; life in all its fullness'.

I chose this verse because it sums up how privileged I have been to have a life full of so many different experiences. On numerous occasions I have been conscious of God's guidance through what I have called his 'Silent Voice'.

Nancy (as well as our four children) have constantly corrected my poor memory of past events so you can be reassured that the stories are all reasonably accurate.     

The book costs £5.00 and all profits go to Christian Aid. Please phone John on 01262 850515 if you'd like a copy.